Fleas…Most people immediately run to their animal clinic and have pets treated in hopes of eliminating the issue. In many cases when caught early, this serves as sufficient control to eliminate these intruders from your home or business. However, when the issue is not related to your pet, and instead local to your environment. Simply going to the animal clinic will not solve your problem. Fleas breed exponentially and can survive even the harshest pesticide applications. Therefore without eliminating the breeding schedule it is impossible to command control. Using growth hormones to eliminate breeding and residual dust and liquid applications are very effective in gaining long term control. However, to assure fast results it is important the client understand what they have at their disposal to aid in control procedures. Tools such as vacuums and dryers are great ways to protect yourself during treatment periods. TheBugGuys.ca employs a method of education and elimination to rid your home of Flea intruders.

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