Rodent infestations can be major problems that hint at something bad with your home’s structure. Property owners should know how rodents get into their buildings, what factors make the home a year-round attraction for rodents, and how they can prevent infestations in the first place. 

Norway Rat

Clever, hardy and big. Norway Rats are often described as being “as big as a cat”. Realistically these intruders can be around as big as ...

Deer Mouse

Deer mice are tricky pests which can sometimes be identified incorrectly as chipmunks or Voles. Usually found in or around suburban areas backing onto woods, ...

House Mouse

Commonly considered a household pest the House Mouse is actually more often found in urban businesses and areas with large human populations such as downtown, ...

Roof Rat

Roof Rats are less common and typically like to remain in an exterior environment. Roof Rats are slender, agile, quick and just as clever as ...

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