Stored Product Pests

Often found in pantry storage areas. Early signs of intrusion are often overlooked as cob webbing, spider webbing, and ant intruders. Stored Product Pests in a pantry areas can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Stored product within the pantry may very well be the source of the issue and should be addressed immediately to ensure no further product contamination. Insects such as small beetles, moths and larval casings should be dealt with immediately. Removing all contaminated product, eliminating expired product and ensuring all product is sealed is critical in controlling a Stored Product Pest intrusion

Homes and businesses alike are victim to Stored Product Pest damage far too often. Understanding at which stage this occurs is critical to controlling the issue. Most product damage occurs during the larval stage when the larvae chew their way through the product. Webbing provides the platform for the larvae and is an early indicator of a Stored Product Pest issue. In most cases this can be controlled pro-actively by routine stock rotations, elimination of expired product and vacuuming stock and storage areas. Using pheromone based traps can likewise aid in control, and provide early monitoring tools.

Some issues reach deeper than the surface. When all other options have been exhausted the use of a professional to dig deeper into the issue is always the best option. In some cases the issue is not on site and requires proper identification techniques to establish how Stored Product Pests are actually being introduced to the environment. Strong monitoring and vacuuming regiments, and a detailed professional application are typically enough to eliminate a problem. However, maintaining that it does not occur again requires diligent attention to future detail.

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