New Beetle Species Discovered

Earlier this morning, scientists in the UK have announced the discovery of a new species of beetle. After decades of speculation, entomologists have finally found the elusive sloofica-lirpa beetle inhabiting a cavern in Liverpool.

Although much research is yet to be done, scientists have already discovered this species is native to the UK, but has been reported in countries all over the world.

Affectionately nicknamed ‘the ringolla beetle‘, this species communicates through vibration and sound to other species in the wild. The sloofica-lirpa has vibration indicators located on either side of its head, allowing for quick recognition of rhythm and volume. This is a solitary insect, however it is known to travel in packs of 4 or more, to enhance their rhythmic abilities.

“We’ve known about this species for years, but no one on the team has ever seen one until this week.” stated Dr.Kite, an entomologist from the University of TBG, “We’re all very excited about this discovery.”

There has been limited sightings in Canada, the last of which was in 1966 in Toronto. No new sightings have been discovered since.

Below is the only known picture of the elusive sloofica-lirpa beetle.

Happy April Fool’s Day from everyone at The Bug!

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