Insect pests can be especially difficult to remove once they have taken a place in your home. Homeowners should know the best ways to stop pests like bedbugs, fleas, ants, and stinging insects from working their way into their abodes. Living with insects year after year should not be accepted - with these resources, you can make sure it isn’t!

Phorid Fly

Commonly referred to as the Jumping Fly this pest is evidence of a serious issue at any home or business. Phorid flies could represent a ...

Drain or Moth Fly

Drain Flies are often referred to as Moth Flies due to the size and appearance of the wings which are bigger and more pronounced than ...


Most Pest Control Technicians would immediately advise that Spiders are in fact not a pest. Spiders are actually predators and represent an immediate benefit to ...

The Mite

Clover Mites (picture), Brick Mites and Spider Mites are just a few of the concerning specimen which tend to infest on a large scale in ...

Centipede and Millipede

Creepy, crawly and fast. Centipedes and Milipedes much like Spiders represent natural pest control as these intruders are in fact predatory. Eating pest intruders the ...

Beetles and Hard Shell Pests

Hard shell Pests represent an interesting issue related to pesticide and the proper selection of a long lasting residual is required. Hard shell Pests tend ...

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