The Honey Bee

Generally harmless and busy with work the Honey Bee is often improperly identified as a yellow jacket or other wasp relative. Honey Bees are an endangered species and Technicians are urged by the ministry to avoid eliminating these at all cost. However, this is often compromised. Most concerns are related to swarming on houses, trees and local foliage as Honey Bees search for new territory and attempt to establish colonies close to areas ripe for pollination. Swarming lasts no more than 36 hours and in almost all cases occurs close to 300 yards from future nesting points. Honey Bees have no desire to interact with humans and unless threatened will live in harmony with our populations. respects our environment and in only select, critical cases will attempt to eliminate a population threatening a person, their home or belongings. In almost all cases, we advise waiting out the swarm to protect our local endangered species.

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