Pharaoh Ant

Many Pest Control Technicians have cringed at the notion of a Pharaoh Ant treatment in a single unit of a multiple unit high rise. Pharaoh Ants infest. Pharaoh Ants are TINY! But large colonies support a network that can stretch through an entire house, high rise, office, business, RV’s and in some cases storage units. Looking for evidence around wall socket plates, countertops, sinks, and cupboards can often provide evidence of an infestation. Once identified Pharaoh Ants are not hard to track. Pharaoh Ants march in a line going in either direction and can usually be followed back to a crack or void. However, this is often just the tip of the ice berg. A complete program of baiting wall sockets, wall voids and placement of mobile bait units should be followed up on at least one occasion (In all affected and all surrounding units). Once control is reached a final liquid application can be applied to prevent another outbreak. Pharaoh Ants cannot take baits available at retail stores. In all cases a professional is required to mix and apply baits appropriate for Pharaoh Ant elimination.

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