Red or Black Eyed Fruit Fly

No one likes fruit flies. Everyone wants them gone. Experienced technicians would go on for days about flying insect issues that are out of control due to lacking sanitation in an acct. Sanitation in all cases is the source of this fly. However, distinguishing what type of fly your dealing with is critical in control measures. Red Eyed Fruit flies are easily identified by large red eyes which are immediately visible. Preferring low levels of decomposition you will see these flies nearer to fresh product or very recent refuse. Black Eyed Fruit flies prefer significant decomposition and can be found around dish-pits, grease traps and drains where refuse is deposited during cleaning. Treatment for Red Eyed Fruit flies can usually be achieved with treatments above refuse, and below sinks. However, treatment for Black Eyed Fruit flies requires in depth treatment.

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