Often identified incorrectly as the Dog Tick. Deer Ticks are loathsome and carnivorous intruders. Typically humans are not target prey for the Deer Tick. However, given the correct circumstances Deer Ticks will not pass up the opportunity to feed on humans. Deer ticks are found most dominantly in the Northeastern region of North America where large populations of their favourite meal (Deer) exist. Urban areas tend to be less of a vector for the spread of Deer Ticks. Cottages, unkept fields and forest trails provide a much more encouraging environment for Deer Ticks. In most cases trans-location occurs when the host brushes up against long grass, or overgrown leaves where brooding Deer Tick populations exist. With a (2) year life span and a very limited need for food or water the Deer Tick can present a very intimidating challenge for any home or business owner. However, with very little defense against pesticide applications an experienced professional can easily provide relief and peace of mind.

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